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What most people know about being vegan is the list of foods that are excluded from the vegan diet. But animal free vegans don’t just define themselves by what they don’t eat, they also define themselves by the nutrient-rich superfoods that they do eat.

The ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques for a diet that is completely animal free might seem foreign to those who are accustomed to standard meals composed from meats and starches, but animal free meals are not so strange once you learn some of the tips and tricks of the animal free lifestyle. These days, vegan cooks have figure out how to make just about any dish animal free, including pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and snickerdoodles.

Lauren Ulm, the founder of the website, “Vegan Yum Yum” and the author of a cookbook by the same name, learned the how-to’s and how-not-to’s of vegan cooking by trial and error and error and error in her own kitchen. Here are some of the tips she gives to vegan cooks on her website and in her book:

  • There is a huge difference between fresh sugar snap peas and frozen ones. The longer peas sit after picking, the soggier and less sweet they become.
  • Sauteeing chickpeas brings out a lovely nutty flavor in them.
  • It could be that you don’t like brussel sprouts just because the ones you ate were overcooked. Brussel sprouts that are overcooked have a sulfur smell, and taste unpleasant. Brussel sprouts that are cooked correctly are crisp and sweet and have a slightly nutty aftertaste.
  • How you cut vegetables makes a big difference in the texture and taste of your dishes. A Japanese mandoline works well to slice potatoes extra thin, for example.
  • If you’re frying a potato, choose a potato that has high starch and low sugar, like a russet potato. A potato with high sugar will before it’s crispy, making the fried potatoes soggy.
  • Delicata squash is a sweet squash alternative that is easier to cut in half than other squashes.
  • A microplane grater makes citrus zest that is fine, light, fluffy, and practically melts in your mouth.
  • Spelt flour works well with pancakes because it is lighter and has a seeter,milder flavor than regular whole wheat flour.
  • Using a grill pan to add grill marks to tofu makes it prettier and more appealing to dinner guests. Just be careful not too scorch it!
  • When making tofu scramble instead of eggs, make sure your tofu isn’t too wet and that it is adequately seasoned.
  • Barley can be just as satisfying as risotto, and doesn’t require as much bothersome stirring.

More Information About Animal Free Cooking and Eating:

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