Jul 30

Attention has resurfaced this week for the infamous “Long Island Lolita” incident that fueled a media frenzy back in 1992 in response to the release of Mary Jo Buttafuoco’s new book, “Getting It Through My Thick Skull.” Even though it’s been almost two decades since her ex-husband, Joey’s teenage mistress, Amy Fisher, shot Mary Jo in the head, the attention that the book and its author have received proves that the fascination with her story is still strong.

Why does the media and the public still care about a crime that happened so long ago?

Interviewers are finally asking Mary Jo the questions that the public has also been asking for 17 years. Why did Mary Jo stand by her husband and stay in her marriage for so long? What was it like for her to be in the middle of an international media circus while recovering from a life-threatening attack? What motivated her to publicly forgive Amy Fisher? And why is she writing a book about all of it now?

Mary Jo answers these questions in depth in “Getting It Through My Thick Skull,” which is not only Mary Jo’s first book about the incident, but also the first time she has stepped out of the shadow of her ex-husband, Joey, to tell the story from her own perspective. Mary Jo wrote the book not only to address the unanswered questions about her life, but also to shed some light on the behaviors of her husband, which she has come to believe are sociopathic.

Readers will get Mary Jo’s complete responses to 17 years of unanswered questions in her book. Here’s some of the conversations that’s she’s been having with the media about it this week:

Mary Jo’s Television Interviews:

Mary Jo’s Print Interviews:

Mary Jo’s Radio Interviews

Internet Stories About Mary Jo Buttafuoco And Her Book:

Book Reviews of “Getting It Through My Thick Skull”

More information about “Getting It Through My Thick Skull”

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