May 07

Your mother and/or grandmother may be having sex right now.

Add that to the Santa-Claus-Easter-Bunny-Tooth-Fairy list of Busted Myths and Profound Disappointments. And if your mother or grandmother is not having sex right now, she may be… most people want to finish that sentence with “gardening,” “petting the cat,” or “watching the Food Network.” But the truth of the matter is, if your mother and/or grandmother is not having sex right now, she may be fantasizing about it, grooming for it, reading about it, or talking about it in either the virtual or real world (or both).

A University of Chicago study recently published in the Journal of Gerontology revealed that 84% of men and 62% of women between the age of 57 and 64 are sexually active. That’s your mother and father. In addition, 38% of men and 17% of women between the ages of 75 to 85 are still having sex. That’s your grandmother and grandfather, and maybe even your great-grandparents who are still “doing it.”

This gives new meaning to the phrase, “Happy” Mothers Day.

The sexual activity of mothers and grandmothers isn’t the Mother’s Day image that most adult children are conjuring up as they shop for the perfect gift to express gratitude to the sainted matriarchal figures in their lives. But maybe it should be. According to an AARP Sexuality Study, seniors who are sexually active have less stress, less depression, better health, and a more positive outlook. If grown up children can support that kind of lifestyle for their aging parents, why wouldn’t they?

“Most teenagers and young adults think they invented sex. They find it inconceivable to imagine that their parents, or anyone significantly older, are ‘doing it,’” says Dr. Doree Lynn (a/k/a Dr. Dorree), a Washington, D.C. psychologist and author of the book, “Sex for Grownups: The Truths, Lies and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50.”

“Women at every age can and do masturbate regularly, have sexual fantasies, and enjoy sex,” Dr. Doree says. “At every age, your body, though changed, is still sensual, interesting, sexy, and a great playground to explore. Whether we want to think about it or not, our mothers and grandmothers are having much different “playground” experiences than they did when we were young.

Dr. Doree knows for certain that women over the age of 50 are playing on a different kind of “playground.” because she works with moms and grandmas, and dads and grandpas all the time in her practice. “Some people over 50 do give up sex entirely, but most do not,” Dr. Doree says in her book. “While sex in the second half of life does change over the years, it never dies.”

For most people over the age of 50, the question is not whether they should be having sex or not, the question is how to keep their sex parts working and how to make their sexual activities the best they can possibly be.

The most frequently question that Dr. Doree gets asked about sex after the age of 50 are…

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